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Hegel and Aristotle

Hegel is, arguably, the most difficult of all philosophers. Interpreters have usually approached him as though he were developing Kantian and Fichtean themes. This book is the first to demonstrate in a systematic way that it makes much more sense to view Hegel's idealism in relation to the metaphysical and epistemological tradition stemming from Aristotle. No serious student of Hegel can afford to ignore this major new interpretation. It will also be of interest in such fields as political science and the history of ideas.

Booko found 3 book editions of Hegel and Aristotle by Alfredo Ferrarin

Details Published Format New Used
Hegel and Aristotle by Alfredo Ferrarin, ISBN: 9780511498107
Hegel and Aristotle
Oct, 2009 Online resource Being refreshed... Being refreshed...
Hegel and Aristotle by Unknown, ISBN: 9780521783149
Hegel and Aristotle
United Kingdom Jan, 2001 Hardcover Being refreshed... Being refreshed...
Hegel and Aristotle by Ferrarin, Alfredo, ISBN: 9780511031120
Hegel and Aristotle
Jan, 2001 eBook Being refreshed... Being refreshed...

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